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Emerald Coast

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Gulf- to-Table

No better to start your vacation than with what the Gulf Coast is famous for seafood. Stop in to Stinky’s Fish Camp for their famous Oyster Log or Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar for a beach view and a dozen raw.

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Enjoy the Scenic Views

The Timpoochee Trail better known as the 30A bike path is a great way to take it all in. Cruise along the 19 miles that make up the bike trail in a sustainable fashion. Visitors can visit 30A Electric bike, Dune Allen or Yolo Store in Gulf Place to r...

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Sunset and Bells

Check out Bud and Alleys in Santa Rosa Beach to catch remarkable view of the sunset. As well as the traditional sunset bell ringing loved by locals and visitors with great food and drinks.

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Kick Back and Brews by the Beach

30A has some great local brews which can be ordered at local restaurants and bars. Growlers Garage “2020 Gold Award Winner” for Best Craft Beer Selection. With over 40 plus beers on tap there is something for every beer lover in mind. You...

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Airstream Food Trucks

Downtown Seaside has a wonderful variety of food trucks to choose from whether you are out shopping or passing through make sure to stop and try some of the local favorites from Gyros, Crepes and many more. The food trucks are open from breakfast &nd...

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Costal Dune Lake

Did you know that the Costal Dune Lakes is a natural phenomenon that can only be found in four countries around the world? The Dune Lakes are very calm great for paddle boarding for first times to 30A. Head over to Yolo to grab a board and explore!...

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Grayton National Park

400-acre sliver of paradise featuring pristine sugar-sand beaches, a rare coastal dune lake and a wealth of nature. Did you know it was the first community establish now known as South Walton? Take in the hiking trails, paddling boarding, walk the be...

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30A Songwriters Festival

30A Songwriters Festival is held annually during Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend. With more than 200 artists thousands of music lovers from all over the us to enjoy the live music and a few of their favorite artists. The 30A Songwriters Festiv...

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Dolphin Tours

The 30A not only is part of the Gulf of Mexico but also the Choctawhatchee bay. Watch the dolphin’s morning and evening with the family or with your significant or even a dolphin tour! Check out Royal Swim at Gulf World Marine Park or Dolphin S...

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Shop the Farms Markets

What better way to try local goods than a farmer’s market in the 30A communities such as Seaside, Rosemary, Grand Boulevard and Seascape. Supporting the community’s local farmers and artisans for beach snacks or trying something new for d...

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Beach Bonfires

Whether you are celebrating a fun reunion, wedding or something special it makes a memorable experience for everyone. You can contact the South Walton Fire District for a one- night bonfire permit, Beach Bonfires are permitted 365 days per year. Cont...

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Take Home a Souvenir

With endless local shops throughout the 30A there’s something for everybody whether it’s the famous 30A sticker, a painting from a local artist or simply some bottled up sand from the beach to remember the good times and good vibes the 30...

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